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Tomorrow.  Yes.  Tomorrow is any dieter’s favorite day of the week to start a new food plan.  Likewise, as a foodie,  “tomorrow” is my favorite day of the week. By the way, some other favorite times of the week for dieters and/or compulsive overeaters to start a new food plan are:

“The 1st” of (Of Whatever Month)
“Next Week”

Why is “tomorrow” a food addict’s favorite day of the week?

From my own experience, I know that if I start my food plan “tomorrow”, that means I can eat as many Twinkies, Ring Dings and Yoddles as I want the night before.

My thought process as a foodie goes something like this…

“Well, if I’m going to start my new food plan, I might as well eat everything and anything I want in large quantities because after today, I’ll never be able to eat any of this stuff again.”  

Here’s the problem.  “Tomorrow” never comes.

I swear to God (okay, so I’m a Buddhist), tomorrow never comes.  How many times did I say to myself, “Self, I’m going to start my new food plan tomorrow for sure, no matter what”, only to find myself watching all-night South Park marathons with my two friends, Ben & Jerry?

Too many times to count!

And when “tomorrow” does come, I don’t start my new food plan because I’m too sugared up (basically drunk off sugar) to be able to start.

See, for me, once sugar, white flour, rice and other grains are introduced into my system, I crave more of the same. What can I say? I’m just wired that way.  And no matter how much I try to control my portions of those poisons, I just can’t control it.  

…and I’m off to the races.

So, tomorrow stretches into next week and next month…before you know it, 6 months have gone by – and I’m still in the sugar, flour, and grains.

Okay, here’s a real life example:

In October, as I was huffing and puffing up the stairs of the 59th Street Lexington Avenue train station, I promised myself (as I had done 100s of times before) that I was going to go back on my low-carb plan – for good this time.  

And by golly, I meant it.

Then I thought, “But my birthday is November 23rd. I can’t NOT have a birthday cake.”  So I told myself I’d start after my birthday. But I forgot that Thanksgiving is right after my birthday.  So then I thought…

“But Thanksgiving is coming up too. I can’t start my food plan now. I’m not giving up stuffing, pumpkin pie, and mashed potatoes.  I’ll start my food plan after Thanksgiving.”

And what happened after Thanksgiving?

So after Thanksgiving, I remembered that I had made reservations for my birthday dinner at Carmine’s Italian Restaurant in New York City.  I thought…

“I can’t start my food plan now because I have to eat pasta at Carmine’s. I’ll start my low-carb plan after my birthday dinner at Carmine’s.”  

By the way, my birthday dinner at Carmine’s was on December 1st.  And I wasn’t willing to get back on my low-carb plan until today – December 22nd.

(Remember, my good intentions started way back in October.)

So what happened?  Why did it take me from October 1st, all the way to December 22nd to get on my low-carb plan?  

Because I had the tomorrow mentality.  

I had completely forgotten that “tomorrow” never comes and that there will always be a reason to put off following my healthy, low-carb plan.  

So When Should You Start a Food Plan?

When do you think is the best time to start your food plan (whether it’s WW, Keto, Paleo, Atkins, etc.)?  I find that the best time to start my low-carb food plan (or anything else for that matter) is NOW.

There’s so much power in now.  

Now allows me to gather momentum.  As a matter of fact, this morning I asked myself, “So Shalisha, what excuse do you have today for not getting started on your low-carb plan?”  

I thought for a second, and I told myself, “Well, Christmas is coming…”

I promptly, but gently, reminded myself that I was completely full of shit and that if I was ever going to get back on the wagon, it had to happen today – as in right NOW.

So, I prepared my low carb delicious meal of salmon with lemon, garlic, parsley and string beans sauteed in olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper.

And guess what? My obsession with the food, and hence, my obsession with “tomorrow”, left me.

Then, since the momentum of now kicked in, I began throwing all of my binge food into the incinerator. And as I waved goodbye to my two friends, Ben & Jerry, I told them that they had to make new friends – preferably with people who don’t have a propensity for consuming gallons of ice cream in one sitting.

Then I started cleaning my house…

Then I started writing this article…

Do you see where I’m going with this?  The power of now serves as a catalyst for other life affirming, liberating actions.  So, stop being a slave to “tomorrow”, “Monday”, and “Next Week”.  

Start now.

What can you do today, now, with your food (or anything else) that will change your life? I’d love to hear your experiences with the power of starting now.  

Please leave your comments below.